(!) GIANT JOINT: Officially (En)Rolled (Again) (?)

Good lord, what a hazy day democracy has seen. In addition to the stunning A-Batte write-in victory, wieb$ points out that Giant Joint, noted social justice trailblazer, also smoked his rivals and landed a seat as write-in WSA at-large representative with a respectable 99 votes:

Perhaps voters finally want to hit their representatives with the fact that they need to be able to hash out the issues and weed out the bad proposals. Hopefully, Giant Joint will be able to roll with the punches and prove ze isn’t simply a drag on the agenda.

Not too shabby, considering that’s only 18 less votes than legit winning candidate Jacob Musinsky ’15, and, as always, the number of alternate iterations of GJ’s name practically exceeds votes for the candidate hirself.  (Notable choices this go around include Huge Spliff, Jiant Goint, giant joint who is actually a secret muslim and cannot provide a birth certificate, giant joint in a rick perry costume, comically oversized blunt, colossal doobie, gargantuan blunt, and—who’s the doofus who spelled Giant Joint “Slavoj Žižek”?)

Anyway, there is a historic precedent for this madness: in 2009, after GJ’s victory with a so-close-it-hurts 416 votes, Sheek was forced to face the music:

Sadly, according to WSA officials, Giant Joint may not take hir rightful place on the WSA next semester as one of the seven Members-At Large unless ze is actually an enrolled student here.

Which would create a dilemma for the WSA if someone named Giant Joint actually showed up next semester. If any of the 416 Wesleyan Green Party voters are truly committed to the cause, you will legally change your name to Giant Joint over winter break.

No word on how the Wezleyin Stoodent Assemblee is responding to the scandal on this historic Saturday, but an anonymous “Wes ’08 alumnus” commented on Sheek’s 2009 post with a nugget of reflective wisdom from the other side:

Next time you students should pick out a random person in your class and all agree to write in vote for them without their consent!

Looks like that brings us full circle. Congratulations, A-Batte!

Update: looks like GJ is thrilled as all get out over at hir Twitter:

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