Wesleying would like to formally our schizo-fabulous comrade A-Batte for winning a spot as a Write-In in the recent WSA at-large elections WITH A WHOPPING 35 votes. But we have you know, that number would have bee much higher if not for the fact that many voters were orthographically challenged. Alternate spellings include:

bangwar fucktte, avonwar battsdale, alien antwar fatte, chamoir batte, a portrait of the artist formerly  known as prince, martanwar benjamatte, aynwar randte, clairwar potte, anwar “mahatma gandhi” batte, johnwar f. kennete, songwar banjte, manwar batranwar, bonbonwar batte, kofi ananwar batte, onstar batte

UPDATE (wieb$): In fact, A-Batte only finished 64 votes behind perpetual voter favorite Giant Joint. Put bluntly, though, Giant Joint’s popularity seems to have burned out a bit since garnering 416 votes two years ago (come on, where were the last 4 of you?).

Perhaps voters finally want to hit their representatives with the fact that they need to be able to hash out the issues and weed out the bad proposals. Hopefully, Giant Joint will be able to roll with the punches and prove ze isn’t simply a drag on the agenda.

With formidable candidates like huge spliff (11 votes), comically oversized blunt (1 vote) and even bongwar butte (1 vote) waiting in the wings, Giant Joint can’t let hirself get puffed up; indeed, ze must become a positive force with a higher purpose. Giant Joint will be no token! No word yet from the candidate hirself.

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