Procrastination Destination: Masochistic College Student Completes Journey Through Hell

You think I’m kidding? The guy watched the movie “Julie & Julia” every single day for a year while blogging about it. If that’s not hell, I don’t know what is.

Remember Lawrence Dai from Zach‘s post last year about the blog, the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project? For those of you who don’t, Lawrence is a college student at Northwestern who, in a moment of temporary insanity, decided to watch the movie Julie & Julia every single day for a year – that’s 365 viewings. The movie itself is about a woman named Julie Powell cooking all of Julia Child’s recipes within a year and blogging about it, so you can kind of see where he was coming from when he started this thing, although how (and whether) he maintained his sanity are still questions up to debate. 

How could a blog about watching the same movie over and over again be interesting? Well, first of all, Lawrence is really witty. He released a number of hilarious posts over the course of his year. Many of his favorites are catalogued in his year in review post, which includes such hilarious moments as when he examined racist undertones in the film for two days, when he actually gets a job as a result of this ridiculous project and when he catalogued the best times to masturbate in Julie & Julia also in two parts(not that you should – just, you know, if you have to). Other favorites include the one when he set screenshots to the Rebecca Black tune “Friday” and the one where he gets an unfortunate gift.

There’s also the culmination of his journey, when he ends up in the wonderful land of Denver where he meets his terrifyingly adoring fan club. The video is below, and it’s a bit nuts.

I highly recommend checking out this blog. Also, if you ever need someone to write a snarky blog entry for your company, you know at least one capable person.

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