ProCATination Destination Du Jour: Kittens!!!

Hungry for more time-sucking addictive destinations? Do you love cats???

Check out Procatinator, which puts crazy/cute/hilarious cats to a fun music for your entertainment.

Still hungry for more pets? Head over to, which is a compilation of gif images of animals, well, being total douche bags.

Really into cats, but don’t have time to procatinate? Write your essay/Moodle response/Wesleying post/whatever on Written?Kitten! and every 100, 200, 500, or 1000 words (you pick!) a new kitten will appear on the side to cheer you on! If your browser supports local storage, you writing will be saved even if you close the page. (However, you might want to copy and paste your work to an external document every so often, just in case.)

Happy Procatinating and best of luck on finals!!! Go get ’em, Tiger!

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