2016: Here They Come

“;alsjdg;skjf;dgkjas;dklfgj FREAKING OUT!!”: Life Before College Finals

Here they come, here come the bastards. Like zombies emerging from the damp earth of Foss Chill, a few select members of the Wesleyan Class of 2016 (the last Wesleyan class I will ever substantially get to know, sad-face) will tear open their “big envelope” today (just kidding, it’s all online now) and promptly swarm the CollegeConfidential/Facebook/Twitter/Whateversphere with the profoundly un-cynical giddiness that only a purebred prefrosh can bring.

According to Wesleyan Admissions site, ED applicants can view their decisions online at 3 pm today. That’s t-minus thirty minutes and counting:

For both Early Decision 1 and Spring Transfer applicants the online decision page will be available this year from 3:00 pm EST Tuesday, December 13th through 5:00 pm EST Friday, January 6th.  The login link below will be live at that time.

For those students whose applications are denied, letters will be available online only. Related materials will be mailed to students who are admitted or offered a place on the waitlist.

As tradition goes, prefrosh are already going nuts over at the caged madhouse that s CollegeConfidential, though it’s nothing compared to the swarm of emotions you can expect after 3:00:

Additionally, admissions has already set up the traditional WesAdmits 2016 Facebook group. If you want a real toxic procrastination destination, check this group again in, oh, six hours, when Facebook some transforms itself into the best and worst possible venue for mass interaction among the prefrosh herd. As I posted this time last year, when I was in a more lucid state than I am now:

If you know any ED applicants, now’s the time to wish them luck in both college admissions and personal sanity. Be sure to use college admissions buzzwords like “crapshoot,” totally random,” “100% random crapshoot,” and “everything works out in the end, even after the totally 100% random crapshoot fucks you over.” They’ll appreciate it.

Welcome to the pleasure dome, 2016.

Anyone know how many ED apps we got this year?

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