Procrastination Destination des Tages: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles

Ah, Germany. Savior of the eurozone; birthplace of the volcano (no, not that kind); breeder of philosophers with luxuriant facial hair (at least after the Aufhebung of this loser). Is there anything you can’t do?

Martin Kohout would presumably answer with a resounding “no” (that is, if he is indeed able to speak).

The meta-YouTube artist, whom you may remember from this post (Wesleying: so self-referential), though born in Prague, is based in Berlin and is a testament to all the wonderment of the internet/hipsterdom/the Fatherland.

His bio is as follows:

1984 – born in Prague, Czech Republic
1990 – first knock-out tooth (fall from tricycle to the road)
1993 – two times knock-out tooth (fall when walking on a paving, and slip on a wet foliage while pushing a concrete block up to the hill)
1996 – two times knock-out tooth (fall from a bicycle)
1997 – knock-out tooth by a classmate of dyslexia class during prankish attack by a ping-pong bat
2010 – broke tooth while eating candy

Other projects of his include “handmade railings of elastomer and metal, attached to wall”, an image of Robert (whoever he is) with one of the aforementioned handrails, an image of a family with what appears to be a YouTube-xylophone, and this.

Of course, though, it appears his YouTube channel, “Watching Martin Kohout”–which consists of 821 videos filmed between April 2010 and March 2011–is the main attraction. It has even spawned a MartinKohoutFan channel, though the proprietor is disappointingly verbose. We eagerly await a true “Watching Watching Marin Kohout” video (oh wait, HE ALREADY DID IT HIMSELF).

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9 thoughts on “Procrastination Destination des Tages: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles

  1. Guest

    of course it’s not unfiltered. it’s sortof fucked up that self-objectification (hipsterdom) has become cool these days

  2. Bruce Tingzer

    WOW! wieb$, what a great post!!! It reminds me of Zach’s post all about Martin Kohout and Derek and Dlyan Watch Wes Pacfic. always remind, you need a subject in EVERy setence, so don’t forget it! 


  3. Sally Jerkins

    have any of you guys heard of derek + dyl watching western pacific????????? it’s a good comedy with drama and sometimes romance. if you like martsin kohts then i bet you’ll LOVE derek and dylan’s. 

  4. i<3d&d_watch_wes

    it looks like this guy has watched a ton of derk and dlyan watch wes pacific because in that show those two boys watch wes pacific and it’s a blast! i’m talking about a great plot line, tons of twists, and even a little eye candy ;). i’m still waiting anxiously for ep2!!!!!

  5. Jeff Dorrs

    this reminds me of a funny video I saw starring derik and dilan called “derek and dly’s watch wespacifs.” it’s got a great cast and fun message for my whole whole family; give a shot, trust me. 

  6. Meta

    His seemingly unaffected performance brings up a source of tension in
    the work regarding the degree to which what one views here is, in fact,
    an unfiltered view on Kohout as he naturally watches the video or else
    if it’s a performance of someone as if he was naturally watching the videos.

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