Yale Frat BoiZZ Make Chess Video

Yesterday, a group of unidentified students at Yale University posted this video for a chess.com video contest. Although it definitely does not live up to the wittiness and splendor of Party on Fountain or even Midd Kid, it can provide you with some serious finals week lolz:

“I will smash through your defenses with my tactical tricks
why you playing the French, when this is a blitz, fool?”

Laiya A. ’15 notes that this rhyme is fantastic because “fool rhymes with tricks much better than blitz. Also, the line is placing them in the role of Nazis.  Why are frat boys filming a chess video??!??!” With all the early decision/action drama going on, I am personally extremely thankful I was rejected from Yale EA back in 2008. 

Additional notable quotes:

  • “cause I’m fly like a g6, Accelerated Dragon”
  • “I’m a positional guy, she’s a material girl / and she was sitting next to me, like ‘boy will you teach chess to me?'”

No, I’d really prefer if you didn’t teach “chess” to me.

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13 thoughts on “Yale Frat BoiZZ Make Chess Video

  1. Anonymous

    “The French has a reputation for solidity and resilience, though it can result in a somewhat cramped game for Black in the early stages.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerated_Dragon”The Accelerated Dragon features an early …g6 by Black.”

    A positional player is one who focus on the position of the pieces; a material player is one who focuses on capturing the most pieces.

    Maybe you should take him up on those chess lessons, since apparently you can’t tell the difference between chess and sex.

  2. Samloeschen

    Heh, i’m friends with the guys that did it. They were being sarcastic with the whole thing (they’re not frat boys, and the lyrics are supposed to be kind of stupid) and you missed it. What a dumbass

  3. Sfkmfs

    I doubt any WWII reference was intended. The speaker is taunting his opponent with the claim that the French defense is unsound / only suitable for short time controls. Many world-class players would disagree.

  4. Bixler89

    Is this what kids at Yale and Wesleyan do? You just have internet fights over who has the shittiest video online? Super cool and original, bros. 

  5. sdolkj

    guys, what is with the constant need to defend wes against interesting things other schools do? 

    and for what it’s worth, the g6 line is actually pretty great.

    1. Lol

      agreed. mammoth, why did you feel the need to post and criticize this video?  if wesleyan students made a very similar video, would you have criticized it the same?

      sorry if im misinterpreting your negative remarks as you thinking negatively of them.

  6. CatanFan

    if this should be compared to any wesleyan video it should be compared to No Hands (the settlers remix)….which blows this out of the water. that shit was HOTT

  7. johnwesley

    The word, “blitz” is also a football term,  a defensive formation designed to tackle the quarterback before he can throw the ball.

      1. Anonymous

        Actually, the pun was on “blitz” as a set of time constraints in chess (chess games with relatively short time limits but not the most brutally miniscule) and French as in the French defense, the positions arising after the move order 1.e4 e6 2. d4 d5 vs the impact of the Blitzkrieg on the French in WW2.

        Also, this song is as much a parody on rap paradigms as it is on chess metaphors, and you should enjoy it as such rather than blindly taking offense at any surface-level sexism your skimming of the provided lyrics turns up.

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