WILDWes Comes to the ‘Tube

“clean, green, smooth, well-kept, well-maintained…it’s attractive”

Before you whip out the greenface and then raze that Novembeard-turned-finals-beard, that quote isn’t excerpted from the updated College Prowler description for attractive Wesleyan students (sorry to disappoint).  No, but while you’re sitting at home wondering what you used to do before finals anyway, check out what WILDWes has been up to.

The video, by Erin O’Donnell ’12 and Ofer Levy ’12, tells us some cool facts about landscaping in the United States and some of the WILDWes organizers take us through the process.  There are some great shots of mulching and the Sustainable Landscape Design student forum from this semester.  President Michael Roth and others involved, such as from Physical Plant, express their support as well.  Just watch the video already.

You can also check out more about WILDWes on their website.

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14 thoughts on “WILDWes Comes to the ‘Tube

  1. guest

    Why is there such a focus on edible plants? Shouldn’t sustainable landscape practices focus on cultivated indigenous species? 

    1. paul b '87

      I’m a little late, I know, but indigenous species is not such a straight forward prescription. For instance I was blown away to learn that even earthworms are an introduced species and they knocked out a whole layer of the ecosystem that had subsisted in the leafy forest floor. Eden has left the building. The edible plant emphasis might prove to be a fad (my nurserywomen friends say economic downturns mean a shift in demand for more veggie starts and fewer flowers.) However, the concern for water and maintenance costs is likely to be the lasting insight. Also the experience of the design charrette is a very worthwhile for everybody, I’d wager.

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