Buru Style Serves Up “Funktastic Holiday Treat”

“It’s the kind of good time you can have with friends at 2 am, with the neighborhood kids the next afternoon, and with the whole fam around the fire on that special December night of your choice.”

Last year we posted about a collection of “wild (dare we say ‘zany’?) reinterpretations of classic holiday music from several faiths,” from campus reggae/funk faves Buru Style. This year, drum teacher/grad student/all-around percussion wiz Bill Carbone writes in to remind you of the omnidenominational holiday treat and let you know it’s available on iTunes, eMusic, and burustyle.bandcamp.com—actually in time for the holidays this time. It’s been a year since I first heard this EP, but these takes on “Jingle Bells” and “Hannukah, Oh Hannukah” don’t sound any more sane.

The album features Jake Schofield ’12, Andrew Fogliano ’10, Jake Gold ’10, Eric Sherman ’11, Ian Coss ’11, and Bill Carbone (grad) as well as seriously alumni MC Kabir Sen ’99. Here’s a seriously funked out “Jingle Bells,” featuring the aforementioned MC Kabir:

As far as current Buru activity is concerned, Carbone writes:

The fellas are pretty spread out right now so we’re on hiatus until February. Ian Coss is Indonesia, Eric Sherman is in California, Andrew Fogliano has opened a studio on a farm in Pomfret, CT, I’m trying to write my dissertation but also working with a ton of other groups like Max Creek, Sparkplug, Dead Cat Bounce, and various other odd projects.

I do actually have a brand new holiday album coming out with my group Sparkplug.  It’ll be live in about 20 minutes at sparkplug.bandcamp.com and up on Itunes, etc in a few days.  Our website is here.


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