BandCampWes: ZachG ’13 Strikes Back with Hypothesis Track, Video

Don’t call it a comeback: after three sweaty months in Crown Heights and a semester-long Buddhist immersion in Bodh Gaya, India, Wes emcee ZachG—Zach Goldberg ’13, also of campus funk/rap fusion act Bones Complex—is spitting beats, rhymes, and life from his home in Durham, NC.

Bones Complex will be back in action this spring. Until then, Hypothesis, a Durham-based hip hop crew, is Goldberg’s main squeeze, and “No Matter What Road” is its most powerful track yet. Check the sweet video for the track above—filmed by Goldberg over a six-month span, the clip features footage shot in Brooklyn (sup, Crown Heights Arts Gallery), Durham, and Bodh Gaya, with cameos by a whole buncha Wes peeps along the way. As Goldberg himself explains,

This video is a collaborative piece that could never have been completed without the help of people I love in New York, Durham, and Bodh Gaya, India. Not all of your faces made it into the final cut, but you are all a part of this song. Thank you for the momentum. If you have taken the time to watch this, please take another two minutes to read the lyrics. Hopefully they will mean something to you. Keep moving forward.

For more on ZachG, check our Hypothesis or refresh yourself on Bones Complex, which has performed all over campus since 2009. We also reported on ZachG’s excellent solo EP, The Microphone Menace, a few summers ago here.

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