SoundCloudWes: Sly Ones ’12 Makes it Drip

“dripmode. yung joc. lil wayne. slimepunk. moist. nasty. wet. future. dripset. trap. bass. rap. drippy. weird. 8bit. C¥BERGIGA. sex. narcotics.” – Oscar Wilde

As Music Mu-Thursday (Thurthday Thoundth?) rolls on, I thought it was about time I got back into the Wesleying family  business and posted some new sounds from the music scene. C¥BERGIGA, who goes by the alias “Sam Lyons ’12” for many of his nonmusical pursuits, has been posting tracks to his SoundCloud for about a year now, and recently the aural assault has zeroed in on DRIPMODE, the wet, damp, and…wet bloop-based sound of three of his newest tracks.  Rave fucking reviews: “Im soaked”. “super soaked”. “DAYUUUUM!”. “im drenched”. Jeauh. Jeauh. SNES-, Atari-, and Game Boy-generated pixels abound.

If #dripmode seems like #yourmode, support the endeavor and give Drip Sex Funeral, some DRIPS AND BLIPS, and/or N0twerking a listen and a free download (!). Check out some of my personal favorites from a few months back after the jump.  Sam’s been developing his electronic sound publicly for around a year now, with a range a bit wider than the squeezing-out-a-wet-towel dampness of his recent club bangers. The tracks probably run more experimental than the dance mainstream (at Wesleyan and beyond), but that’s only a positive to my slightly oversized ears. For example:

the joy luck club by C¥BERGIGA

I’m not sure how to properly describe this other than exactly how it feels: like playing a racing game, accelerating through a curve on a road course where they have those traffic-directing arrows painted right onto the asphalt. The J.L.C.  surges though phases of consistent melody and intensity but different focus -waves of fuzzy distortion stuff, minimally decorated gunshots, pulsating drum machine. Can someone who’s read the relevant book write an essay about how this song explores the novel’s main themes and send it to me? I don’t want to sound like an idiot at parties, just an asshole.


This is exactly what his taiko solo at the East Asian music ensemble’s semester concert in December sounded like.  (Zach, where were you on the photos/roundup/post title=song reference for that one?) I’m pretty sure this is the first track I heard of his, back in his days as Sly1z, and probably still the one that most makes me want to jump around, frighten people, sweat testosterone, etc. Woop.

Don’t forget – you can download and scrobble all deez shitz at no cost except for the 1 grand and hours of child labor that went into your MacBook – just look for the download links on the flash players! Get it! Aural Wes it!

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