First Look at the New Career Resource Center


I was riding around campus taking a couple photos and happened to pass by the new CRC. As I was drooling all over the window, I met Michael Sciola (director of CRC), who was kind enough to let me into the new building for a tour! More after the jump.
(p.s. sorry for the low res imgs, wordpress was giving me hell)


First impressions: high ceiling, shiny new furniture, a gigantic screen, lots and lots of space. As I was talking to Mike, he brought up some new features of the CRC that we can look forward to. One project they are excited to start is video conferencing. Beginning this semester, students will be able to attend workshops, talk to alumni, interview–all through video in real time (that’s what that huge TV is for). If you’re studying abroad and want to attend a resume writing workshop, simply go online to attend the event or watch a recording posted on the CRC website. Phones can also be used for video conferences (apparently they will be the standard throughout campus in the coming years).















Other features include a room for video interviews, a coffee station below the big screen, and a kitchen/snack area. The advisors’ offices are on the second floor, which is actually floor 1.5 because they built it in specifically for the CRC. On the ‘real’ second floor (3rd floor) are the Art History and COL classrooms. Unfortunately I couldn’t go up there because the tiles were set on the main hall this morning.

That’s it for now. The CRC and the rest of the building opens on Tuesday, Jan. 24th and the whole ribbon-cutting, champagne-poppin’ shebang is at the end of February.

See you all soon. :)





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6 thoughts on “First Look at the New Career Resource Center

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  2. Wes alum '10

    perhaps with the new building and resources the CRC will be able to do just that? (have stuff for people besides pre-____ or business)

    the building renovation was originally going to be a museum, but that got cancelled. at least this is practical. 

  3. Gahhhh

    rather than putting money into a new building they should put their resources into actually making the crc useful for people that aren’t pre-med, pre-law, business, or teach for america…

    1. Concerned About Stigma

      stop by and see all the career center has to offer…money for the center was purely from donation for the specific need to broaden the resources available for wes students to be able to pursue anything and everything imaginable 

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