WESCR1B$ STRIKES BACK: Peeping Tom Edition

Aaaaand we’re back, winding into routine after a strenuous few weeks of instant Netflix and unwritten cover letters. Last semester, Wesleying’s WESCR1B$ feature brought us deep into the state-of-the-art home-entertainment coliseum of the Command Center, the soft-light hominess of Ethan Young ’13’s Lo Rise A5, and the Ikea-style furnishing ingenuity of Elle Markell ’14’s Hewitt roomall without leaving the comfort of this here WordPress dashboard.

This round, things are getting a little more sinistwell, I’ll let 200 Church’s Sophia Massey ’15 speak for hirself. (Also, submit your room!)

My name is Sophie Massey ’15. I like to keep strangers lurking outside the windows of my 3rd floor room. I think it just spices up the place and makes it homey.  I live in 200 Church and we are really open and accepting.

I’ve always wondered what goes in on 200 Church, but turns out it’s what goes on outside the windows that really counts. James Stewart, where art thou?  Meanwhile, Sophie also sends in this photobetter litof some mysterious activity in the room itself.

Explains Sophie,

As you can see my interior decoration style tends to gravitate towards the natural disaster look. A fellow resident is on my bed holding my roommate’s foot because my room is an open and accepting space. Please put everything I have told you in the description of my CR1B!

Will do, Sophie! I also spy an alarm clock tucked well beneath the bed, which either suggests a mildly clever attempt to steer clear of the Snooze button, or a reasonably lax unpacking job. (And is that a bathrobe, cape, or both on the chair?)

Anyway, whether you just got back from abroad or just got back from Hartford, send us pictures of your room! Send all photos to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org; include “WESCR1B$” in the subject line. Thanks!

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