A Plea For Culture: Send Us Your Abrogs

“Then we all went to Granada and checked out this nightclub opened by this other guy they all knew. It was cool: They had pretty good paella there, but otherwise it was pretty much just like any bar back in Bloomington.”

There’s a changing-of-the-guards going on in Junior Village. As over 170 juniors return from abroad experiences all over the freakin’ globe, another 120 juniors (plus a handful of 2014-ers) embark this month on travels of their own. Some of you may even be reading this very blog post from your street cafe in Bodh Gaya or Buddhist temple in Paris! So it goes.

Last semester, Wesleying sent out a call and put the spotlight on some of these abroad blogs (read: abrogs), which mostly seemed base in France, France, France, Australia, and Pearl Street, respectively. Then came a second edition, which featured Blogspot- and WordPress-hosted forays into Bodh Gaya, Israel, and—my personal fave—one student’s epic quest to discover her namesake among elephants in Tanzania.

The point of all this? If you’re maintaining a blog/Flickr/Twitter/Friendster/Xanga/LiveJournal while abroad, it’s something to write home about. Send us the link and a bit about what you’re up to. Email staff<at>wesleying<dot>org, and put “ABROAD BLOG” in the subject line. Thanks!

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