“The Ash and the Elder” Auditions

Sometimes I dream about being God. I would make trees, rivers, moats, streams. I would make the Sun, banana chips, taquerias, and Volvos. And then I would make people, and all the things they feel – joy, anger, sadness, caprice, that strange feeling you get when you see a chihuahua try to hump a pug. And then I would watch and see whether I would get my very own Richard Dawkins, and him question my existence.

Anyway. If you ever had those dreams, or even if you don’t but would like to try it out anyway, Lila Becker ’12 has something in store for you!

Come audition for The Ash and The Elder! The play is an adaptation of five creation myths: Norse, Babylonian, Dogon, Quiche Maya, and Melanesian. The show will go up on April 19-21, and it will be staged in the ’92 theater.

Please come with a fictional story or a monologue. Fictional stories are preferred (e.g. tall tale, fairy tale, etc.), but not required. We’ll also ask you to do a cold reading from the script. And if you’d like to show us a special talent (dance, musical instrument, etc.), we’d love that too! We’re looking for 7 actors: 4 male-identified, and 3 female-identified. (But then again, we’re cool with anything in-between and beyond).

Feel free to email lbecker(at)wesleyan(d0t)edu with any questions, or if you’d like to audition but cannot make those times. Click here for facebook event.

Date: Sunday, January 29th and Monday, January 30th
Time: 3-4.30pm (Sun), 8-9.30pm (Mon)
Place: Downey 113 (Sun),  Jones Room in the Theater Studios (Mon)

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