30 Rock Still <3s Wesleyan

As usual, prime time TV can’t get enough of Wes. According to an anonymous tip, last night’s 30 Rock gave a particularly memorable shout-out:

Liz’s new hot-dog-truck-owning boyfriend went to Wesleyan. Anyone know why NBC likes us so much?

The dialogue in question, from a bit of internet sleuthing, seems to be:

  • I didn’t want him to make fun of you because you went to Wesleyan.
  • Wesleyan is the Harvard of central Connecticut.
  • No, Yale is the Harvard of central Connecticut.

Back in 2009, the show revealed that Dot Com is a Wesleyan alumnus—and honed his acting skills on “Wesleyan Arts Base Main Stage,” whatever that is. Anyone have a video clip of yesterday’s shout-out? [HERE’S THE LINK, SEE 1:50.]

[In other random Wes-media news, Bill Belichick totally notices your Wesleyan sweatshirt, and he likes it. Go Patriots Wes.]

Editorial addition [11.13 AM]:

Good god, Lemon!

– frostedmoose

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  3. DKaplan

    Season 6

    Episode 3
    @ 1:50http://www.hulu.com/watch/321960/30-rock-idiots-are-people-three#s-p1-so-i0 

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