Traverse Square kids featured in online radio piece on bullying

The junior DJs and Wesleyan student-mentors at the Middletown Youth Radio Project on WESU 88.1FM send word about a recent piece produced with the support of Generation PRX, an online social network for youth radio producers:

We submitted a pitch to Generation PRX about working with our kids to create a sort of sound profile about bullying in Traverse Square, the community adjacent to Hi Rise/Lo Rise. A few of our kids…all residents of T-Square, worked together to conduct interviews and gather material in the field that we edited together for a five minute piece. Generation PRX has generously given us state of the art professional audio equipment to help us put this together, and we’re all very excited about this opportunity.

Click through to hear Middletown residents Destiny Chandler and Alexis Madera share their thoughts on living, learning and hanging out in Traverse Square. Michael Roth liked it and we hope you will too!

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