Jared Paul ’11 Wants To Record You

Wesleying has received an exclusive plea from Jared Paul ’11, Wesleyan’s own recording engineer alumni extraordinaire. Today Paul spends his days recording err’one from Mad Wow to Lioness (who??) in Brooklyn and his nights floating through clouds with a boombox and Gibson SG.

You may remember Paul from his debut LP Ubeatquitous, which esteemed colleague A-Batte likened to “Obama-sipping-whiskey-with-dinosaurs.” If that descriptor grabs your fancy, consider signing up to be his next recording victim; details appear below:

I’m a Class of ’11 grad working as a freelance audio engineer and producer. Although I’ve done the whole graduate-and-move-to-Brooklyn thing, I am trying to keep recording Wes people as often as possible! Among the Wes artists I’ve recorded and mixed projects for in the past year are Mel Hsu ’13, Mad Wow, Josh Smith ’11, Fly Machine,The New Group, Grand Father, Lioness, and The Rooks.  Some samples are here.  If you like what you hear, consider having me record your next project!

Or, perhaps you’ve already done some quality recordings yourself, but you can’t seem to get the mix quite right?  You can simply send me your Pro Tools session, OMF, or WAV files and I can deliver you a great mix.

Film majors!  I also do post production work, and it’s not too soon to book me to mix your thesis.  I mixed Abby Horton ’11’s thesis, Grand Prize, last year.

I get great results, I am pleasant to work with, and my rates are affordable!  For more details, please contact me at jaredjaredpaul(at)gmail(dot)com.

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