One Week for America – Spring Break 2012

From Andy Ribner ’14:

One Week For America is a partnership between Wesleyan and Teach For America. This is the inaugural year of our externship program and is a sister program of Four Weeks For America where MIT and Harvard undergraduates have been sent to serve in Corps Members’ classrooms for the month of January. With One Week For America, you are expected to complete one (or two, if interested) week(s) of service in a Connecticut corps member classroom. Undergraduates live with corps members and learn about the challenges that our education system faces and about the Teach For America program and model. The Wesleyan participants are expected to design a capacity building project over the course of their week that will leave a lasting, measurable result on the classroom they are working with.

Date: Apply between now and February 3. You must be available during the week of February 27 for a brief training session.
Place: yr cmptr

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