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Buy next semester’s books directly from other Wesleyan students at Wesbooks.org!

The WSA is pleased to announce WesBooks.org a platform for Wesleyan students to buy and sell books to other students. By dealing directly with other students instead of third-party dealers, students can save from 30-70% when purchasing books and receive more money for their used books.  Students determine how much to sell their books for and once a book is purchased, the two parties arrange for the payment and book exchange.  We encourage you to take advantage of this free service by posting your books from this semester!

Please email wesbooks2011(at)gmail(dot)com with any feedback. This website was created by a student group and is managed by the WSA.

With Chegg.com, Belltower books, Broad Street, and Amazon already on the scene, this bodes well for free-market competition. OH YEAHHH

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