Get involved in the Hermes!

From Zak Kirwood ’12:

Wesleyan’s amazing radical/alternative journal/newspaper/artmag/blog, THEHERMESis making a triumphant comeback this semester after a semester of upsetting dormancy.  For those who remember the Hermes, you’ll recall that it’s an amazing outlet for activism, alternative thought and anything not-fit-for-the-Argus.  For freshman, you don’t even know how great a resource it is!!!

However, in order to make it happen in a sustainable way, we NEED lots of energetic people to put in a little time this semester.  Core organizers are few, but with a collective effort and a renewed group of inspired contributors/editors, we will get the first issue out in no time.

If you want to get involved in any way, from editing to contributing, come to the first meeting thisTUESDAY, January 31st at 8PM in the Hermes Office, 2nd Floor in the University Organizing Center//190 High St.

For those who don’t know their Greek mythology, Hermes killed the Argus.

Date: Tuesday, January 31st
Times: 8PM
Place: Hermes Office, 2nd Fl of the University Organizing Center (190 High Street)

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2 thoughts on “Get involved in the Hermes!

  1. shifty

    DEAR HERMES: I LOVE YOU. sidenote, people who write for hermes can later get jobs writing for newspapers, i am evidence

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