Wesleyan Friends of Israel Meeting

Be friends with Rebecca Markell ’14:

Join us in creating a welcoming and enthusiastic community of Israel supporters at Wes! If you’re at all interested, come to the first meeting of this new club. Bring ideas or just an open mind. There will be snacks!!

Date: Tuesday, January 31st
Time: 8-9 PM
Place: 200 Church Lounge
Free!: That’s what this event is.

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4 thoughts on “Wesleyan Friends of Israel Meeting

  1. Giuseppe Garibaldi

    This group seems wonderful! In solidarity with Wesleyan Friends of Israel
    I’d like to just throw in a plug for my new group:
    Wesleyan Students for a return to Apartheid in South Africa. We look forward to working together to support systemic racism, occupation and colonisation.

    P.S. If you feel uncomfortable with the use of the word apartheid to describe the current situation in Palestine, I’d refer you to Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

    1. answer

      Its different in a couple of ways. This group has a more exclusively pro-Israel focus, whereas Yallawes is more about dialogue between all sides. That isn’t to say that this group doesn’t want to encourage dialogue, its just not its main mission. Additionally, Yallawes focuses almost exclusively on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. While that issue is certainly very important to Wesleyan friends of Israel, it is not the group’s singular focus. The group has a more comprehensive focus, touching on all issues and aspects involving Israel. 

  2. JewishAntiZionist

    I hope the organizers of this event bring an “open mind” into 200
    Church,  a space which exists to fight against racism and oppression,
    two things the state of Israel is very much guilty of (among other
    players in the region).  I also hope that the organizers would realize that the issue of Israel/Palestine is very deeply felt among many people at Wes and they should explicitly define what they mean by an “Israel supporter.”  A supporter of the Israeli people? Of the Israeli state? Of Zionism? 
    It is very easy, and deceitful, to not expressly state your intentions,
    and to bring new minds into a deeply politicized issue they may not
    feel comfortable with in the future.

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