Cheese Co-op Sign-Ups – Now through Feb 8!

Any of you readers not sure what the Cheese Co-op Committee is so committed to? Hopefully, the following will clear things up:

The Cheese Co-op is back for another spring of dairy goodness! This semester will feature local, organic cheeses from the family farms you’ve come to know and love, but with more variety than ever before! Sign up for a share all to yourself (98 points per semester), to split with one friend (49 points each per semester) or with two friends (33 points each per semester). Deliveries will come every two weeks for the whole semester, but space is limited so sign up now! Just go to our website and fill out a quick form between today and Wednesday February 8th! Contact wescheesecoop(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions. GO CHEESE!

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2 thoughts on “Cheese Co-op Sign-Ups – Now through Feb 8!

  1. Curds Whey '08

    I wish I had failed more classes so I could pay POINTS for a cheese co-op. #FML #whitewhine

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