Olin: “High Ceilings, Low Feelings”

Spotted: the Olin ACB, a largely unexplained blackboard with post-it replies affixed in generous number.  Trolls and anonymous do-gooders alike, in equal measure, respond: What does the library mean to you?

  • Where a piece of shit can be something more.
  • High ceilings low feelings
  • Olin is home.
  • The library is where I go when I need to get work done. If there is a better place on campus to sit down and read for hours on end, I haven’t found it. Also, I’ve only managed it a few times, but checking out a textbook you’ll need instead of buying it is a wonderful feeling.
  • Adderall fairy.
  • EVERYTHING. We’re basically dating. I spend more time here than at my house. We have a fairly serious relationship. I ? OLIN.
  • The place where I bang Stephen Hawking and The Rock.
  • Drool on desk.
  • Sexy time wawaweeewa.

Err, keep them coming?

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