Board Games at Alpha Delt!

From rush-tastic Becky Gillig ’12 and Lilly Holman ’15:

Come to BOARD GAMES at Alpha Delt, 4:30-6 today!
Bring your Bananagrams and impress everyone with how well you can make words out of letters! Wow!
Show off your travel size boggle set! Its just so darn convenient!
Bring Settlers of Catan and try out your new expansion pack (Knights, Seafarers, Barbarians, oh my!)!!!Or you could play one of these games that we already have:
Operation, Cranium, Quoridor, Risk, Balderdash, Scrabble, Pictionary, Twister, Trivial pursuit (Disney and Harry Potter, as well as original) , Pyramis (dont know what this is, but IT IS IN FRENCH), Taboo, Guess who, The Great Museum Caper (CLUE), Dirty minds (The game of naughty clues), Jumanji, Axis and Allies, Matoca (The ancient Aztec word “touch” inspires a unique strategy game), Star trek chess, Diplomacy, Lionheart, Power puff girls game (saving the world before bedtime)
 Or, if you dont like board games you could bring cards. That works too.
Date: Today, Feb. 2
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: Alpha Delta Phi Living Room
Cost: free
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