My Dinner With Michael: Roth Chills Hard With HIMYM’s Bays, Thomas ’97

During my freshman year, it took Argus writers Jessica Jordan ’13 and Jiovani Robles ’13 approximately eight months to score an interview with revered How I Met Your Mother co-creators Carter Bays ’97 and Craig Thomas ’97. We would know, too: they maintained a prolific diaryturnedArguscolumn recording their desperate efforts to contact the duo. They dug up old yearbook photos and Ampersand pieces, invented imaginary awards, even wrote a one-act play based on their quest. (For more of Bays’ bizarre Ampersand material, check this apology to the Wesleyan community and editorial farewell.) When they finally published an interview, they were no longer freshmen.

Supreme leader Michael Roth ’78, on the other hand, seems to have gotten lucky on his first try.

Above, via Wesconnect, check out clips from a conversation between MRoth and the Bays/Thomas duo at a nifty-looking alumni get-together at the Paley Center for Media in L.A. In one memorable moment, Thomas discuses playing drums during his Wes years with a band with four guitar players (can you beat that, Ishmael?); in another, the co-creators relate their experience first pitching the show and seeing their idea come to fruition. (If anyone has a link to the full interview, comment or forever hold your peace.) (Also,  can you spot the Linus member in the audience? Thanks to Fofang for the tip.)

Meanwhile, check out the HIMYM Diaries here and some more insight into Bays’ Ampersand days here. And again, for a particularly excellent story involving Carter Bays, a few postcards, and the 1993 Wesleyan waitlist, read this freaking book.


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