BandCampWes: Ishmael Resurfaces, Readies New EP

“I heard they’re working with the guy who mixed Pearl Jam’s Ten.” “They’re playing exclusively in 9/8 time.” “Did you know they recorded it in the dead of night?’

The rumors, whispered at night between MuHo and Pine, are mostly pretty true. Ishmael, the prodigious prog/funk outfit whose numbers include Jordan Lewis ’13 and Andy Werle ’12—as well as Nick Otte and Aaron Silberstein—are readying a new EP. Fresh off a triumphant November gig at Psi U (all “bureaucratic bullshit aside”), the self-proclaimed “Frippian Euphoric Post-Funk” quartet has been working with Tim Palmer, the noted producer and engineer known for work with Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie, and Porcupine Tree, among others.  The band recorded the EP over the summer, in the dead of night, at New York’s Sugarbox Studios. First single “Feet Stomp” is the first preview of what’s to come.

So yeah, the proggy instincts survive—twisted time signatures, dazzling funk rhythms, interwoven guitar interplay—but this time it’s condensed into a four-and-a-half-minute mostly-pop song, all sleek acoustic guitars and wordlessly infectious backing vocals. (That’s, like, code for “poppy,” or something.) (Ishmael, like, totally sold out, man.) (But it’s also one of the best songs the band has produced to date.)

The self-titled EP is still to come; “Feet Stomp” remains a promising hint. Grab it for any price you like over here.

In the meantime, Ishmael can be found on BandCamp, IshmaelTheBand, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Scroll on for a few complimentary images from the band’s November 18 performance in Psi U.

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