Kelley ’13 Loses Bet, Wears Socks on Hands for a Week

Here’s some news for all of you gamblers out there who like to leave your lives to chance…

Last weekend, one Alex Kelley ’13 made the mistake of betting Claire Dougherty ’13 that she could not guess what card he randomly drew from a deck. Little did he know that Dougherty has a knack for clairevoyance (easy pun). She guessed not just the next card correctly, but three out of the next six.

The penalty? Kelley would do anything Dougherty told her to do following her winning of the bet. And while some might read that last sentence and contemplate the premise of their next adult video script, Dougherty settled on a more innocent task: Kelley needs to wear socks on his hands for an entire week. Dougherty “socked” Kelley at midnight Friday and will “de-sock” him this coming Friday, also at midnight.

Why yes, there’s a BLOG. F.A.Q. after the jump.


Which socks?

Two of Dougherty’s choosing. No, they don’t match. One sock has cats and the other has sharks.

What about during showers? Can he take off his socks then?

I’m told he can take them off during showers and when he does dishes. He also has a pair of specialty socks with thumb holes for playing frisbee.

But what about…pooping?

No one really knows what’s going on with that.

Can Alex cover the socks and hide them from the public eye?

Only with shoes (yes, this is a stipulation).

What would have happened if Claire hadn’t guessed the card right?

Nothing. It was something along the lines of, ” Claire, if you guess the next card I will do anything you tell me to do.” Good move, Mr. Kelley.

Why would anyone ever make a bet like that?

One can only speculate.

Here’s the link to the blog. “My claps,” writes Alex, “are not as loud as they were with bare hands.” We wish him the best.

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