Tu’Beshvat Celebration: The Birthday of the Trees

From Miriam Kudler-Flam ’15:

Tu’Beshvat is here!  Tu’Beshvat is the Jewish birthday of the trees – celebrating the time when spring is just around the corner.

We will be having a Tu’Beshvat gathering at Earth House, 7 PM on Wednesday (2/8) to celebrate!

The gathering will be a mixture of traditional Tu’Beshvat rituals (making blessings over fruit, thinking about Kabbalist/mystical interpretations of the holiday, among other things), Hebrew and English songs and poems, seed planting, and discussion surrounding environmentalism, gratitude, and the human connection with the natural world.

Everyone is welcome!

If you would like to, please bring a tree/nature/spring/similarly related poem or song to share.

DATE: Wednesday, February 8th
TIME: 7 PM – 8 PM
PLACE: Earth House (159 High Street)
Questions? Suggestions? Contributions? Please contact Miriam at mkudlerflam(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

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