Burlesque Choreographers’ Meeting

Casey Reed ’12 writes in to let y’all know that Burlesque is holding their annual meeting to gauge the talent for choreographers on this year’s show. This post might also be my only opportunity to post a picture of half naked people, and still deem the post as appropriate. Read on if you think you’ve got what it takes to choreograph the hottest thing to hit Wes since its lack of central air in August.

Hello Beauties! Fall semester was fun… leaves changing, Halloween, snowpacolapyse. Winter break was happy… full of holidays and quality couch time. But the best season is now upon us… BURLESQUE SEASON!If you have been in the show before, and are interested in choreographing, please come to the meeting with your ideas about what kind of dance you want to do and what music you want to use! Please keep in mind that we don’t want top 40 songs or the like. Burlesque is a chance to try something new with new music! Get EXCITED! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your professors, tell random Middletown reisdents–IT’S BURLESQUE SEASON!

 Date: Tuesday, February 7th (TODAY!)
Time: 9:30 p.m.
Place: Usdan 110
Facebook Event: Here

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