Seeking Zen

I mean... I guess you could say that's what meditation feels like.

Between Rick Santorum winning all three of the nominating contests tonight (though none of them actually have any bearing on, well, anything) and President Obama reneging on his opposition to SuperPAC involvement in the upcoming election (hey, at least he returned all that money–read: 200 big ones–that the family of the fugitive sought on drug/fraud charges and now responsible for assassinations/corruption committed while on the lam in Mexico fundraised for him), the world’s been a bit of a downer recently.

If you’re the type that’s willing to settle for inner peace, despite all the chaos/utter madness around you, maybe there’s some hope for you.

Buddhist House hosts meditations Monday-Friday at 9am and, for the less morning-inclined, at 6pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

The email, from Becky Schisler ’14, advises:

Everyone is welcome to come sit and/or lead meditation any day!
Absolutely no experience necessary.

So go, get your nirvana on…  just so long as you find time to get your work done, hippie scum.

In all seriousness, it sounds like a good time, with all sorts of nice people.

Time: Mon-Fri 9am, Tues and Th 6pm
Buddhist House (356 Washington St)
Spirit-Animal: Gonna have to go with coyote…

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