Balance Out of Life: Experimental Film by Hodgson ’14 Goes Viral

On Tuesday, the Huffington Post picked up on “Balance Out of Life,” an experimental film by Wesleyan’s own Wyatt Hodgson ’14.  As the video’s premise, Hodgson took Godfrey Reggio’s film “Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance” and sped it up by 1552%—condensing an 82-minute movie into just five minutes.  He also replaced the film’s original Philip Glass score with “The Holy Egoism of Genius” by The Art of Noise.

The sped-up footage ranges from scenic nature to bustling industrial powerhouses. From the Huff Post article:

The result is a five minute, fast-paced, non sequential portrait of the world 30 years ago. Hodgson’s piece is a surreal snapshot of an already surreal documentary about a time now long gone, but just as relevant today.

As Hodgson himself explains on Vimeo,

I have only the highest respect for Godfrey Reggio and Philip Glass (as well as The Art of Noise). This experiment is not meant in any way to diminish the emotional and atmospheric power of the original film, and I highly recommend anyone who has not seen it to do so before viewing this.

See it for yourself above.

[Huff Post]

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    wtf is this “balance out of life” bullshit. 

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