GET BLOGGIN’ OR DIE TRYING: Abloags Spring ’12!

Birds. You hear birds.

You wake up under the blazing sun. On your back. On the beach. The back of your mouth tastes funny;  the bile is yours, but you’re not sure if the blood is. With whatever scintilla of strength you have, you lift your head up to assess bodily damage. Everything’s there. But for some reason, you’re dressed up like a bunny. And you’re pretty sure somebody jacked your liver.

Man. Being abroad is awesome.

But how are you ever going to tell this story? It’s hard, because there’s just so many details, feelings, and thoughts, and you just know that when somebody asks you, when you get back to campus, “how was abroad?,” you probably shouldn’t start with this story. Because if you do, you either sound like a liar, or a showy douchebag.

So what do you do? You keep a blog, much like three currently abroad Wes-souls who have sent us their links over the past few weeks. Click on to find out who they are, and what they’re up to.

It’s Party Time! :

Marjorie Dodson ’13 is hanging out in Beijing, China. More of a brief Tumblr than an actual blog as of this moment, there’re a couple of interesting pictures to be had (literally). The only plotline seems to involve something called a Daniel, but beyond that, it’s pure minimalism. (GET BLOGGING, MARJ. THE READERS ARE COMING.)


Christina Grillo ’13 is in Copenhagen, Denmark, land of the Welfare State and herring (OH YEAHHH DANSK LOVEEEE). Fashioning herself as a fashionista/fashion blogger, she’s running a show that’s somewhere between Jezebel and the Sartorialist. Or maybe just Jezebel. That is to say, she hasn’t done much of the whole creeping on innocent people and taking sketchy pictures thing. But she should. Grillo, if you’re reading this, get a camera, and creep yoself some Dane.


Jessica Jordan ’13, hanging out in Italy, gives us what is probably the most fleshed out blog in the present list. Vaguely phrasing her experience in the style of The Lord of the Rings, much of the exposition of her journey – as represented by the first few posts – are reminiscent of early parts in Fellowship of the Ring moment where we get a lot of her Shire stuff, that is, twiddling around with short hair men and visas and shit. But unlike the hobbits, lots of really random (sometimes bad) shit happens to her.

But things get better. Self-effacing, very amusing, and delightfully playful, Jordan weaves entertaining accounts that include gems like:

“That afternoon we were also scheduled to have a wine symposium. We learned a lot of really great things about the history of wine, and how to choose good wine, and what dishes to pair wine with…but the best part was Fredrico, the man who taught our wine symposium. He was so beautiful and foreign. And he knows oh so much about wine.”

Abroad and itchin’ to share? Get on the bandwagon, folks! And when you do, advertise it here: staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

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