Rest Assured: Lioness “Will Usher in the Dawn.” [BandCampWes]

Sometimes, oppression wins. With the postponement of tonight’s Big Freedia concert and bounce workshop, the invisible fecal-oral hand of capitalism has moved against the rational self-interest of man, and times are dark for the vaunted halls of 200 High Street. But Night is darkest just before the Dawn, and we have found over the last week that even in the dark night of Wesleyan without Big Freedia, we can find solace, and stoke the fires of Revolution, with the music of Lioness. From noted essayist Emma Goldman:

Lioness, the great leaven of thought, is today permeating every phase of human endeavor.  Science, art, literature, the drama, the effort for economic betterment, in fact every individual and social opposition to the existing disorder of things, is illumined by the spiritual light of Lioness.  It is the philosophy of the sovereignty of the individual.  It is the theory of social harmony.  It is the great, surging, living truth that is reconstructing the world, and that will usher in the Dawn.

Rest assured: Lioness has finally released “Rest Assured.” It comes at no price, directly confronting the economic paradigm of capitalism and the oppression of the state. As we should be free to associate with each other, we are free to associate with this Lioness Music Song.

Of course, some business must be discussed. As the Spring Semester has brought back many of the Class of 2013 from nation-states across the globe, Dylan Bostick ’13, whose role as Electric Lute-man was taken by Adrien DeFontaine ’13, has returned and become the Electric Lute-man once more.  Yet in the spirit of true Democracy, free from the tyranny of Government,  Lioness fulfills the potential of society and the individual with drawing the assistance of DeFontaine in the mixing of this free, post-capitalist track. Workers of the world, unite!

To watch the band first put on their Ruby Shoes (of Liberty), see here. For more of Emma Goldman’s essay “Lioness: What It Really Stands For,” see here. To learn how to win the hearts and minds of the people, see here.

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