MAD?! Wow……..

Did Jake Schofield ’12 contaminate his finger with his own feces, then somehow move it to Isaac Silk ’14’s oral cavity? Because both seem to have Mad Wow Disease. [boos, hisses] What I mean is that they both sent us event posts for tonight! We’ll go in order of descending class year—here’s Silky Smooth’s:

WARNING: Mad Wow disease has returned to campus. Anyone worried about catching the infectious mo-town soul groove, and feeling the uncontrollable urge to dance for hours straight, should certainly not come to ALPHA DELT tonight at 9:30.

Side Effects: Garth Taylor, dancing, sweatiness, and brain explosions.

Opener: Drummers of Peace and Equality (DOPE), featuring Bill Carbone

Who: Mad Wow, DOPE
What: Concert
Where: Alpha Delt
When: Tonight, 9:30
Not satisfied? Ass. Click through for “Ol’ Stromboli” Schofield’s version:

MAD WOW IS BACK! With a muthafuckin socially conscious agenda. In
their first show back at Wesweyan since the TENT PARTY, the former
rockers, current philanthropists/rockers (and not the other way
around) of Mad Wow are playing a benefit show in honor of Mad Cow
Disease awareness week. At Alpha Delt! Woooooo!

We all know that mad cow disease is fucked up, and just cause its been
out of media attention for several years now doesn’t mean we’ve found
a cure. Manic convulsions, grooving till you shit yourself, and trying
to eat people’s faces are all dangerous consequences of this fuckin
illlllllness, man. Watch yoself.

This benefit concert is free, and starts at 10PM. But we’d appreciate
it if everyone in attendance would at least try and emulate the mental
state of a Mad Cow in order to spread awareness for this funked up

The DOPE ass drummers of the Drummers of Peace and Equality (D.O.P.E.)
will be traveling from afar to open with a titillatingly tantric set
of incredible rhythm and madness.

Its gon be a crazy night people!


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