Shit Wesleyan Students Say: “Someone Should Make a ‘Shit Wesleyan Students Say’ Video”

This meme is old as shit, so consider this the obligatory “SHIT ____ SAYS” video to end all semi-amusing obligatory “SHIT ____ SAYS” videos, or something like that. Thank Jay Benedith ’14 for the cinematic project itself, and while you’re at it, thank A-Batte for the tip—thank God someone on staff here spends his nights scrolling through the “Wesleyan” tag on Tumblr instead of doing work. (Also thank me for not making another fecal/oral joke while writing about “SHIT” videos. Believe me, I tried.)

I would be remiss not to mention that The Ampersand has already produced its own illuminating collection of “shit” Wesleyan “students” “say.” Its items include, but are not limited to: 1) “We should go chill on Foss”; 2) “Look, there’s Michael Roth!”; and 3) “Wesleyan is located in Middletown, Connecticut.” On point, guys.

Meanwhile, lastly, and also somewhat pertinently, Wesleying has received a tip from Dustin Schurr ’07 regarding yet another related video. Schurr writes:

In 2003 there was a Sexy Single (Zach Webster ’06).  He met a boy (Dustin Schur ’07), and they went on to become a Cutest Couple in 2006.  Now, still together years later, they’re finally getting serious and making a YouTube video.

PS: It’s our eight year anniversary coming up and I promised Zach I’d make him a viral sensation!

Here, at last, is an image from Webster and Schurr’s 2006 Argus Cutest Couple photoshoot, and here’s the video.  Congrats, guys.

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6 thoughts on “Shit Wesleyan Students Say: “Someone Should Make a ‘Shit Wesleyan Students Say’ Video”

  1. matilda roth

    UGHH I GOT EXCITED that a bunch of jewish kids from northeastern suburbs were making this video. this is not nearly witty or ironic enough..

  2. Embarrassed

    This is embarrassing.  Almost no one says any of these things.  Have you even been to Wesleyan, or do you just hang out in Usdan all day?

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