Andrew Breitbart on Wesleyan, Vassar, “Totalitarian Freaks”

You have to hand it to Andrew Breitbart: at least he’s consistent. The conservative publisher and occasional Drudge Report editor, who in 2009 referred to Ted Kennedy as “a special pile of human excrement,” seriously has it in for ye olde Wes.

In February 2010 we reported on Breitbart’s keynote address to the First National Tea Party Convention, where the commentator offered this piece of warning:

“Bad, racist, homophobic—all those buzzwords that they learned in their freshman orientation class at Wesleyan—are used as weapons to try to destroy you and intimidate you to not speak up.”

No one quite knows the root of Breitbart’s grudge, but apparently that wasn’t the last of it. At CPAC this weekend, Breitbart namedropped Wes again, aligning us with the “totalitarian freaks” in Obama’s White House. The shout-out comes about eight minutes into the video above, but here’s the text.

“And that is who’s in the White House. And that’s . . . who would squelch your free speech just as easily as they do at Harvard, Vassar, Yale, Wesleyan—they’re a bunch of totalitarian freaks! And they pal around with our friends in the mainstream media.”

Speaking of “totalitarian freaks,” Breitbart isn’t totally down with the Occupy movement, either:

“I’m looking at you, you Occupy freaks with your glitter bombs. Bring on the glitter!”

Here’s the whole speech. The shout-out is around the 8-minute mark in the video above. Enjoy?

[The Right Scoop] [tip via Carlo]

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