Another Forum, Holy Shit

Feeling hungover this morning? Do you not want to look like those guys every Sunday morning? Want to cut back on your drinking? Don’t drink anyway? Just want something fun to do on the weekends? The WSA has got you covered.

Dear students,

The Wesleyan Student Assembly would like to invite you to participate in a forum on the lack of late-night social spaces for students that choose not to consume. We are hoping to gather some thoughts on this issue, to get some ideas for fun substance-free events, and to collect a group of people who might rather hang out together rather than consume every once in a while. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The forum will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room in Usdan (downstairs, near the mail room) at 6:15pm, Monday February 13th. PIZZA WILL BE SERVED. We hope to see you there!

-The WSA

It remains to be seen whether students will choose not to consume the aforementioned pizza.

Date: TODAY Feb. 13
Time: 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Multi-Purpose Room, Usdan B25
Cost: Free

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3 thoughts on “Another Forum, Holy Shit

  1. Confused

    why do people who dont drink alcohol need the wsa to coordinate social activites for them any more than people who do drink alcohol do?

  2. Simon

    Wish I had time to go.  It’s kind of an interesting idea and I’d like to see how it’s handled.  I’m SO confused by the “lack” of activities–don’t we have concerts, comedy groups, film series, etc?  None of these are consumption-normative events. 

    Let me try a preliminary plan: 
    1.  Make friends who, like you, don’t consume. 
    2.  Talk to your new friends, find some activities you all enjoy/tolerate. 
    3.  Do those things late at night. 

    Okay, but you’re a freshman/transfer, you’re having trouble making friends, whatever.  Maybe we could use some kind of WSA-sponsored help.  Ice cream social?  Baking for the non-baked?  Just put free food in a room.

    1. gnarl

      yeah, this is my response every time this gets brought up. so many concerts, CFA cultural events, etc. and it’s not like you have to be holding a beer to get in the door (quite the opposite).

      I think the organizers of these events are fixated on engineering some kind of explicitly social interaction in the mold of a party, sans booze. which is wild because parties are basically failures at creating this kind of interaction that require intoxication to keep running smoothly/at all. as bourne out in the senior cocks model where the school admits that you need to be wasted to tolerate the huge mass of humanity that you’re about to graduate with.

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