Photos: Underground Seattle Grunge Trio Takes Eclectic By Storm

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and nothing spells romance like Kurt and Courtney, amirightoramiwrong?

Last year’s much-heralded Weezer cover band is on indefinite hiatus for the time being (inside scoop: they tried to take on Pinkerton, had an emotional breakdown, went into seclusion, and enrolled at Harvard), and I haven’t heard much from The Strokes in a while, but ’90s nostalgia freaks need not fear: the unholy trinity that is Blink-182 (Dink 583, if you’re keeping score), Misfits, and Nirvana took the stage at Eclectic last Friday night and ripped off Pixies like it’s 1991. Seriously: they played about half of Nevermind, and that one song about chopping up eyebrows or whatever. It was rad.

I grabbed a few photos from Nirvana’s spirited set; they appear below. If you got photos from any of the others, send them to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Click on for a brief video clip of “Debaser” as well. 

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