From Greece, with Love

Happy Valentine’s!

A smattering of context from the last couple of days:

EDIT:  The Atlantic‘s In Focus photoblog has, unsurprisingly, maybe the best compilation of imagery from this weekend to date.

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7 thoughts on “From Greece, with Love

  1. molotov

    A 22% reduction in minimum wage and 150,000 government layoffs in a country that already has had over 20% unemployment for two years is a huge deal. And this latest package still puts them in over 150B more euros of debt without an option to devalue their currency. If your young you wont be getting a job anytime soon so… burn shit

  2. Anon

    I don’t really understand why the rioting is happening.  I understand that politicians are imposing austerity but why, in Greece, does austerity lead immediately to riots?

    1. Anon

       This just happens in Europe. They’re so attached to their welfare that they riot when they don’t get it despite their unwillingness to work. They’re almost as backwards as we are but in a different way.

    2. anon

      Most of the extreme violence prominently featured in the media is attributable to anarchist factions within the protest. While I think the austerity measures are necessary and Greek frustration is somewhat misplaced, the protests, which are largely peaceful, do get a bad rap.

    3. Anonymous

      Because austerity makes the popular majority suffer for the mistakes of the financial industry. Also, it doesn’t work.

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