Mo Money Mo Problems

Was this sent in by Maxwell Hellmann ’13, or Llama Lawman Hex Kelvin ’13? I can never tell with these things. Anyway:

You’re a good person. You don’t want your WesWings paycheck to help fund mortgage fraud or foreclosures, but you have to keep your money somewhere. Every time you hit the Usdan Bank of America ATM you know you should feel guilty or something, but what choice do you have? Well, you can join the Community Banking Working Group, and help to make ethical banking easier for the Wesleyan community!

Come to PAC 104 at 5:15pm on Thursday, February 16th to find out more (and eat snacks). Hear how instead of paying for investment bank bonuses, the Wesleyan community can use local banks and credit unions, keeping our money in Middletown and supporting local residents and businesses. It will take some work, but it’s absolutely doable, and you can help!

Our goals:

1.     Organize a Bank Transfer day, where students can make the move to community banking

2.     Replace the Bank of America ATM on campus with an ATM from a community bank

3.     Convince the Wesleyan administration to move its money from Bank of America to community banks

When can ya go to da bonk: 5:15pm on Thursday, February 16th
Where be da bonk: PAC 104
How much money I need to enter da bonk: None!
Facebonk: Bonk

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4 thoughts on “Mo Money Mo Problems

  1. Vmarinelli

    Hi, Valerie Marinelli. I’m the Administrative Assistant in the College of the Environment. My husband has been working for the largest CT Credit Union for over 25+ years now – American Eagle Federal Credit Union, headquartered in East Hartford, with branches throughout the area. How can they be considered to be the new “banking” method for students, staff and faculty on campus?  

  2. anon

    Liberty Bank has been the best bank! Really friendly tellers, especially for those unfamiliar with banking procedures (setting up accounts, depositing etc.), and, as mentioned, no ATM fees. As an intangible bonus, I never have had that creeping feeling of sinister intent that I had with BoA…

  3. Anonymous

    If the community banks refund ATM fees, why not just leave the ATM as it is? No need to screw over the people who for whatever reason want/need to stay with BoA.

    1. Ben Doernberg

      Having a Bank of America ATM in Usdan encourages incoming students to sign up with BoA, and also means that when the rest of us pay ATM fees, it supports BoA. 

      If there are students who for some reason ‘need’ to bank with BoA, that’s unfortunate, but they’ll only end up paying the same fee that customers of Wells Fargo, Citibank, or local credit unions have to pay currently.

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