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Grassroots Initiatives Beyond Development & Globalization: Anarchy and Buen Vivir with Social Activist and Post-Development Theorist Dr. Gustavo Esteva

Come See Gustavo Esteva, independent writer, grassroots activist and “deprofessionalized intellectual” on Tuesday to speak about this present intellectual and social revolution:

We are experiencing the end of a historical cycle, not just another crisis. All over the world, people are taking initiatives, reclaiming control of their lives and challenging the political system and dominant paradigms. What is the nature of these initiatives? Why is anarchy used both to disqualify them and as a sign of identity? How does buen vivir (living well) grasp people’s motives as a new paradigm centered on a foundation of radical pluralism?

Discussion and Reception following Lecture

Gustavo Esteva is an independent writer, a grassroots activist and a deprofessionalized intellectual.

He works both independently and in conjunction with a variety of Mexican NGOs and grassroots organizations and communities. He has been a key figure in founding several Mexican, Latin American and International NGOs and networks.

Ishmael @ Earth House

Exactly three months after its triumphant rising from the ashes in the hollowed halls of Psi Upsilon Dormitory for Men, and approximately two weeks after announcing its upcoming EP (which was later previewed on the WESU airwaves), famed progalicious funksters Ishmael return to its native habitat: Earth House. Fabulous details from the band itself:

We will be giving a concert of music. Come listen to the music and to the other sounds. There shall be head banging aplenty.

As always, Ishmael is Jordan Lewis ’13, Andy Werle ’12, Nick Otte, and Aaron Silberstein. The show is free as funk, and there are no openers to be had.

Aaron Peisner’s Senior Thesis Concert


Aaron Peisner ’12 understands the power of llama. He also wants you to know:

Come hear a concert of unaccompanied choral works by an assortment of composers from the past four centuries! Composers include Brahms, Monteverdi, Poulenc, Ligeti, Elgar and more. We’ll also be performing a new piece I wrote.

Where: The Chapel
When: Saturday, February 18th at 7:00 pm
Cost: Free!