Ishmael @ Earth House

Exactly three months after its triumphant rising from the ashes in the hollowed halls of Psi Upsilon Dormitory for Men, and approximately two weeks after announcing its upcoming EP (which was later previewed on the WESU airwaves), famed progalicious funksters Ishmael return to its native habitat: Earth House. Fabulous details from the band itself:

We will be giving a concert of music. Come listen to the music and to the other sounds. There shall be head banging aplenty.

As always, Ishmael is Jordan Lewis ’13, Andy Werle ’12, Nick Otte, and Aaron Silberstein. The show is free as funk, and there are no openers to be had.

Date: Saturday, February 18
Time: 10:30 PM
Place: Earth House (the house that’s sorta across from the Butts parking lot, corner of High and Lawn)
Cost: ~~~~~
Facebook: SchmacebookBandcamp: Schmandcamp

Here’s Ishmael’s latest and greatest, “Feet Stomp”:

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