Compostin’ Survey: What’s that smell??

Have you heard of Ben “British Petroleum” Purinton ’13? Because he’s heard of you. Uh. Anyways. He comes bearing gifts, and news from the front lines of institutionalized composting:

Pretty please take this little, itty bitty, 6 question (multiple choice!) SURVEY. It will help us on the Composting Committee better serve you in the future, and maybe even get us some fancy new buckets. Answers are anonymous, so don’t hold back!

Let the record state that in this event submission, by the way, the start date is listed as “errday,” and the end date is listed as “when we’ve stopped climate change.” So you’ve got a little time.

Also, relevant: anyone know where our composting bucket is? Did we leave it out back somewhere? Let me know if you see it!

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