Box Mountain Sculpture

Box-Mountain Sculpture

If you walked past Weshop today, you probably noticed a pile of boxes obstructing the pathway. That was ART! Dandara Catete ’15, prospective Art Studio major, is in the Topics in Studio Art course and constructed this Box-Mountain for it. It’s her take on Maximalism, the art form that explicitly exaggerates ideas in pieces.

While working in Weshop, Dandara was struck by how many products were unloaded and stocked in the store every day. The boxes used here are all from today’s stock, and the point was to make passersby aware of the amount of produce (and boxes?) available to us daily. From 8 a.m. to around 3 p.m., Dandara collected the boxes that were gradually being tossed and piled them for the piece, eventually securing it all with a few strands of rope.

As one anonymous WesKid ’14 put it, “Someone call up USPS and get a bunch of free boxes and we’ll wage war from our cardboard castle. Or not. We’re probably too cool for cardboard castles.”

Currently unnamed Box-Mountain sculpture is still on display and will be so at least until tomorrow. It’s not a fort, so don’t try to enter or climb it. Dandara is being graded on this.

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