WesPoints: It’s Finally Here

You bitched about it in the shoutbox, and we told you to sit tight. “If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs, “I could calculate my points and meals expenditure on my iPhone or iPod touch while on the go.”

Now, thanks to the grinding labor of Anonymous Whoever ‘?? and the Wesleyan iOS Application Development Club, you can. That’s thanks to WesPoints, “a points calendar made by Wesleyan students for Wesleyan students,” compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The developers write:

A Wesleyan points/meals calculator of Spring’12. Calculate the spendings of your points and meals this Spring semester using this application on your iPhone and/or iPod touch!

The user interface is slightly changed to allow user to have a more wonderful experience, and a smoother transitions between the views. In short, everything is more straightforward to use. And it changes the way we calculate points, again.

The link is here, by the way (it’s totally free), and the sole reviewer writes in with an intriguing proposal: “I think Wes should consider making more apps for all aspects of student life!!” Discussion question for all: what Wes-specific apps ought to be developed next?

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20 thoughts on “WesPoints: It’s Finally Here

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  3. Guest

    This is such a great idea. I actually have used the website, too, but the app is great cause now I can always access it so easily. So glad someone finally did this!

  4. Vincenzo

    I have the iPhone 3Gs and it says that I can’t install the app b/c it requires a newer version of Iphone software. What does that mean?

    1. Anon

      it means you have to update to iOS 5.0. iTunes should prompt you to update when you connect your iPhone to your computer.

  5. anonnnnn

    The numbers this app displays are completely bogus. 

    It says there are 69 days left. I enter that I have 1208 points left, and it says I can use 19.8 points per day. 1208 / 69 = 17.51, which is nowhere near 19.8. 

    Also, why does it ask for your meal plan? None of the information it shows is relevant to that, because it just displays how much you can use per day. It’s almost like they copied some of the design from wesfood.com/points and didn’t entirely realize how the meal plan info was being used (on that site, it looks like it’s used to show how much you should have spent per day/week and how much you’ve used so far per day/week).

  6. Guest

    Wesfood.com/points is fixed and running again, and will work on any device, but is a bit annoying on some mobile devices. It will soon be optimized with a mobile interface.

  7. Weeeeeeewobwobwob

    an app for laundry machine availability, ESPECIALLY for hi/lowrise would be great since its like, 5 washers for maybe 500 people or something and its a painnnn

      1. sneakergaze

        YESSS I’ve always wished this could be implemented for the laundry machines, too (yeah, #fwp, kinda…). ITS / IMS used to have a little header or toolbar on their site that showed how many computers were available at each lab. I can’t find the information now though…

  8. guest

    Dear Anonymous Developer,
    I work in a lab that is in urgent need of help with developing an iPad experiment. Could you reveal yourself? There could be compensation in terms of food or money!

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