King ’09 Creates College Graduate’s Handbook Featuring Wes alumni

Stepping out of the college bubble and into the real world can be a pretty terrifying prospect. Wesleyan alumnus Ari King ’09 went through this process himself not too long ago, and made it out alive–alive enough not only to tell the tale, but to put together an entire handbook about the experience. The College Graduate’s Handbook: Tales from the Famous and Not-So-Famous About Senior Year, The First Job, and Figuring it All out Once You Graduate is a collection of firsthand accounts and pieces of advice about the senior year of college and that daunting first year after graduation.

For the handbook, King interviewed Wesleyan graduates in their early twenties, as well as older and more prominent alumni who have made names for themselves in the real world. Among those featured in the book are Broadway director Tommy Kail ’99, producer Larry Mark ’71, Lemony Snicket series author Daniel Handler ’92, Himanshu Suri ’07 of Das Racist, author Sebastian Junger ’84, TV producer Bill Wrubel ’85, and plenty of other successful alumni in a range of fields. President Michael Roth ’78 makes an appearance, too.

King, who hails from Oakland and is now living in Brooklyn, is still seeking funding for publishing this book. As he says in his video on the Kickstarter page for his project (click on that link for lots more info!):

 “I’m seeking to bridge the gap between the real world and college by providing you, the reader, with authentic and useful information from someone who has been in your shoes before you.”

While he as at Wes, King started a newsletter, had a B’Nei Mitzvah (party at Mocon!), and spent his junior year in Italy. In his senior year, he (in his words) “partied a lot and was a TA.” Now he works in real estate in New York, in addition to making comedy videos like this one and writing his own answers to New York Times social questions.

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    Have him get in touch with Mansoor Alam (, he owns a non-profit publishing company. 

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