Word…Life Radio on WESU

DJs extraordinaire H Biz and B Fiz ’12 send in this strangely hypnotic video and invite you to check out their radio show!

Put on your gucci slippers, open a bottle of vino, and join DJ’s H Biz and B Fiz for the final season of Word…Life Radio every Wednesday night from 11- 12: 30 on WESU 88.1 FM or wesufm.org.

These guys have been at the boards since their freshman year, and are, by now, full fledged radio masters. Tune for only the best in golden era hip hop and other sweet jams complemented by poignant, topical commentary from both hosts and callers alike. This Wednesday: more historic illness + two interviews with wesleyan/middletown legends AND a surprise call-in. Word…life.

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