A Call for Student Panelists with Writing/Publishing Experience!

In April, Writing at Wesleyan will be kicking off a series of student panels to celebrate student writing on campus. (Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more details!) As part of this project, we’re hoping to gather a group of students with writing work experience to speak as part of a panel on writing-related careers.

Who we’re looking for: Very broadly, we’re trying to find students in any class or major who have writing work experience. If you’ve interned at a magazine, drafted regular op-eds for your local newspaper, written grants for a non-profit, or spent a summer shadowing a literary agent, we want to hear from you! (Ideally, we’re hoping to get students whose experience extends beyond Wesleyan.)

What to expect: You’ll be speaking on a small panel (we cannot determine exact numbers until closer to the date, but we aim to have three to six participants). You’ll introduce yourself, talk a little bit about your experience, and then spend the rest of the time answering questions from the audience and chatting with the other panelists. Panels are low-key, but keep in mind that you’ll be speaking in front of a crowd!

What you’ll get out of it: This is a great opportunity to share your insights and advice with Wesleyan students who are interested in following in your footsteps. Plus, you’ll learn from your fellow panelists! Oh, and there will be free food.

When we’ll need you: The panel is tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 2nd from 7 – 8 pm. That’s it!

If you’re interested, send Ford Fellows Katherine Mechling ’11 and Anya Backlund ’11 an email at writingworks(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. Unsure if your experience matches what we’re looking for? Just ask!

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