Extra, Extra: Aspiring Photographer Seeks Models

A photographic wunderkind, who will remain anonymous in order to protect his identity from the adoring masses, needs models for upcoming shoots. If interested/curious/outraged, please contact wwiebe(at)wesleyan(dot)edu (previous work available here).

(Read: In an extreme abuse of my editorial power, I have decided to shamelessly plug for models… come on, people, give this self-aggrandizing chap a hand!)


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3 thoughts on “Extra, Extra: Aspiring Photographer Seeks Models

    1. wieb$

      Nah, I took it off (in consultation with the higher-ups) right after I first posted to give more exposure to some of the features we had up (Bennet, Scalia, etc.) with the idea that I’d repost later on. holdyourhorses

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